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Professional development refers to the ongoing training and education that gives child care providers, directors and staff the knowledge and skills they need to provide high quality early care and education for young children. Wyoming has identified 8 core knowledge areas that are necessary to provide developmentally appropriate practice for children.

The core knowledge areas are:

  • Health, Nutrition and Safety
  • The Active Learning Environment
  • Guidance and Discipline
  • Child Growth and Development
  • Family, Community and Cultural Relationships
  • Program and Business Management
  • Professionalism and Leadership
  • Uniqueness and Cultural Awareness

Child Care Licensing Rules require all providers/directors and staff working in licensed child care facilities to complete training in each of the core knowledge areas during each training biennium.

Basic Training Requirements

  • Orientation: Will be complete by the time an applicant receives their Resource Manual. It is 6 clock hours including Health and Fire segments.
  • Within three (3) months of employment in child care, any person having direct contact with children shall be certified in first aid and infant/child
  • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR). This will require home providers to be certified prior to issuance of a license. Recertification is required every two (2) years, to be completed prior to the expiration date.
  • All staff, having direct contact with children, shall receive a minimum of two (2) hours approved staff orientation training. Directors/providers are responsible for scheduling or delivery of staff orientation
  • Biennially, all caregivers shall have a minimum of 1 clock hour of training in the areas of:
    • Blood borne pathogens
    • Fire Safety
    • Sanitation/Health
    • Recognition of Child Abuse
  • Continuing Education for all must include training in each of the 8 areas of competency, with at least 1/2 hours in each area, during the biennium.
  • Training can only be applied to clock hour requirements during the 2 (two) year biennium in which it was received.

Required Specialized Training

  • Medication Training: Any child care staff who administers medication, shall have approved training on how to administer medications.
  • Infant training: Any staff person or provider caring for infants shall have four (4) hours biennially of specialized training in the care of infants.
  • At least 1 staff person shall have 8 hours of specialized training in infant care.
  • Infant directors must have an Infant/Toddler Credential by January 1, 2002.

Troubleshooting core training document

Thank you for participating in this online training and please feel free to contact your licenser if you have any questions.